Are You Man Enough

My recent post of the pic of the loving couple wearing trakky daks reminded Pil of this marvellous contribution to advertising art that she’s been keeping from me for all this time. Be sure to click on the image to get a more detailed view.

I have little to say that improves in any way on the copy, which I reproduce here for your enjoyment:

One Easy Piece.

Because one is enough, when it’s you. Show where you’re headed in the ultimate fashion climax.

Fits so tight it shows all you’ve got… you’re a walking turn-on. And treats your body as well as she does.

Easy on, easy off, quick as a flick of her tongue. Sexy cool crinkle cloth for those hot nights to come. Designed with your desires in mind… she’ll eat you alive in it.

The Big Zip in 50% polyester/50% cotton. Long-sleeved in rust, blue or black. Short-sleeved in natural, blue or camel.

Are you man enough to fill it?


I can only voice my regret that they didn’t show the guy sporting the short-sleeved version in camel.

Gideon Sundback, we salute you!.