Yes, Wondercum!

I suppose you’re all wondering why I keep saying Wondercum? Well, this morning I noticed that my blog hits had spiked outta control yesterday so I did a little bit of stat investigation and whaddya know! I’ve been visited by by zillions* of people looking for Wondercum! I’m not slow! I immediately grokked that if I mention Wondercum a lot, I’m really going to bump up my hit count!†

So I want to give a big shout-out to all you visitors to The Cow looking to increase your sperm quantities to Flood Warning Levels. My personal recommendation is that you forget the Wondercum (it’s probably just as effective as green apples, but I’m wagering far less palatable) and stick around for a few laughs and some intellect expansion here at Tetherd Cow Ahead.

We’ll save you money and give you a much better chance with the chicks.


*Exaggeration. I feel that this is allowable in the realms of Sperm Spam World.

†I also realise that this means I’m implicitly riding on the coat tails of spammers. It’s about time I got something back from them.


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