Cow Matters

And so, dear friends, we commence another year of Cow Antics. Those of you who’ve been around long enough will realise that on January 28 it will be the 10th Anniversary of Tetherd Cow Ahead, as almost inconceivable as that seems. Should we have a party? If enough of you want to, maybe I will.

But for now, let me wish you all a robust and fruitful 2015, with as many good things as you can fit in your pockets.

Happy New Year!

(PS, those headlines are all from today’s ABC News site. I exaggerate you not. That’s an Australian summer for you!)

Just taking a moment to wish you all the compliments of the season, Faithful Acowlytes. I hope Satan Santa is good to you, and you get something better than a lump of coal in your Xmas stocking. Like a jar. A jar is the very best thing you could get. Especially if it’s tied with string.

See you in 2015!

Faithful Acowlytes. I’ve deactivated nearly all the plugins I use on TCA, in order to try and solve some site loading issues. Things might seem a little wonky for a few days. Bear with me.

OK, thanks to Atlas, a COMPETITION! Cows photobombing famous events.

Rules: Make me laugh.

There will be a prize.


Thanks to Atlas for this find.



With many many thanks to Atlas, who spends far too much time making me laugh.


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