The Prophetic Code

Dear Fountain-In-The-City,

Thank you so much for dropping this marvellous leaflet in my letterbox. Yes, please I really want to have true happiness. I wish to be no longer like the sad childless woman in left of frame, gazing gloomily from within a haze of ominous Hebrew text into a cold grey light. I want instead to be like the happy happy woman pointing at something happy off in the distance. And if I could have a baby that would be even better.

I can tell in my heart of hearts, my new friends at Fountain-In-The-City, that with your grasp of vaguely Medieval fonts and promise of FREE Study Guides + Bible, you plainly have the Key to the Amazing Code that will make me feel Safe. I know that more cynical observers will say that you’re trading on the popular success of The Da Vinci Code but that is just a coincidence, right? (your astonishing graphic design talents alone mark you as original thinkers!).

So, Fountain-In-The-City, please send me your study guides so that I may become happy and fruitful with child, and also that I may understand what the fuck a Red Chinese Dragon has to do with anything,

Yours Sincerely,

Hayley Suggestibull.


This trash tract courtesy of Universal Head. Visit Headless Hollow and get his take on this too!