A guy walks into a pub in a country town, pulls up a stool at the bar and orders a beer.

Older guy sitting at the bar gives him a friendly nod and says “G’day. Haven’t seen you around these parts before…”

First guy says “Nope, just moved here.”

Older guy says “So, what brings you to this part of the world, then?”

First guy says “I’m a farmer. Just bought myself a place west of town.”

Older guy says “Really? Yeah, me too. I got a place on the east side.”

New guy says “‘zat so? Well, what do you farm?”

Older guy says “Bees. I farm bees.”

New guy says “Hey! Man, so do I! I farm bees too!”

Older guy says “Heh. Bit of a coincidence then.”

New guy says “Yeah. So. How many bees have you got?”

Older guy says “Oh, about 500,000. You?

New guy says “Yeah, same, about 500,000.”

Older guy says “In how many hives?”

New guy says “Oh, 10 hives. How about you?”

Older guy says “2 hives.”

New guys says “500,000 bees?”

Older guy says “Yup.”

New guy says “In 2 hives?”

Older guy says “Yup.”

New guy says “2 hives? For 500,000 bees? Aren’t they a bit crowded.”

“Yup,” drawls the older guy, taking a swig of his beer, “but fuck ’em.”