Well a big Hip Hip Hooray for all the loyal Acowlytes! Thank you all for sticking with me for two big years of Cow Fun. I truly appreciate it.

As promised, the answers to the Anniversary Quiz. If you want to see what others submitted, I’ve put all the entries in the Comments of the last post. The winner is indisputably jedimacfan with a staggering 8 correct answers out of a possible 11. jmf, your prize is on its way.

OK, here we go:

•Q1: Where is the Cow Level? (Answer #1)

•A: There is no Cow Level.

•Q2: What cologne does Daffy Duck endorse?

•A: Brimstone. Daffy was hidden away in an easter egg in the Comments on this post.

•Q3: Where on the main Cow pages does a portrait image of Sir Isaac Newton appear?

•A: Sir Isaac is, and has always been, here (look very carefully at the picture).

•Q4: True or False – perfume genius Luca Turin once visited The Cow in person?

•A: True (he commented on this post).

•Q5: What does Allah’s Messenger deem a significant act of Satan (leaving aside sneezing, drowsing, menstruation, vomiting and nose-bleeding)?

•A: Yawning. It is revealed in this post – scroll down and click on the ‘boring’ link.

•Q6: What world-famous politician’s wife made an appearance on The Cow, and what was she wearing?

•A: George Bush Snr’s wife Barbara. She was wearing, significantly, pearls (also revealed in the above post. I knew no-one was paying attention…).

•Q7: What kind of vacation does The Prowler favour?

•A: A driving vacation (revealed in the Comments on this post).

•Q8: Where is the Cow Level? (Answer #2)

•A: The Cow Level exists in Diablo II if you know how to find it… (this information was accessible from Tetherd Cow Ahead via the Random Quotes in the header).

•Q9: In which second language is the Reverend fluent?

•A: Thermian. I told you here. (OK, I didn’t say I was fluent in so many words, but I am).

•Q10: What organic alternative to WONDERCUM does The Reverend recommend?

•A: Green apples. In the Comments, Dr Samuel J M Maligi pleaded for me to send him a six month supply of Wondercum and I suggested he try green apples.

•Q11: What other evidence do you have that The Reverend is bad at counting?

•A: I told you so (the first of the second lot of Seven Things in this post).