Anniversary Cow

Well faithful Acowlytes, wonder of wonders, The Cow is two years old today! Yes, some 730 days ago the first Cow post hit the blogwaves and there has never been a dull moment since. Well hardly any. OK, the occasional one, then.

Still, you have to admit, there have been some laughs along the way, and there’s even been the occasional chance to improve your Knowledge-Base of Useless Things*. You don’t get that from most of these johnny-come-lately bandwagon blogs, do you?

I’m not at all sure that you’ve been paying enough attention though, so today, an Easter Egg hunt through the archives. Namely, ten questions about Cow Lore. There will be a prize for anyone who gets all ten correct (really!) Supporting evidence will be taken into consideration. The judge’s (ie my) decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. Oh, maybe I’ll accept bribes if they’re to my liking…

Are you sitting comfortably. Then pencils up.

•Q1: Where is the Cow Level? (Answer #1)

•Q2: What cologne does Daffy Duck endorse?

•Q3: Where on the main Cow pages does a portrait image of Sir Isaac Newton appear?

•Q4: True or False – perfume genius Luca Turin once visited The Cow in person?

•Q5: What does Allah’s Messenger deem a significant act of Satan (leaving aside sneezing, drowsing, menstruation, vomiting and nose-bleeding)?

•Q6: What world-famous politician’s wife made an appearance on The Cow, and what was she wearing?

•Q7: What kind of vacation does The Prowler favour?

•Q8: Where is the Cow Level? (Answer #2)

•Q9: In which second language is the Reverend fluent?

•Q10: What organic alternative to WONDERCUM does The Reverend recommend? (Oh, OK, OK, I stuck that one in just to boost the search results again…)

•Q11: What other evidence do you have that The Reverend is bad at counting?

OK, that’ll do pig. Answers on my desk by the end of the lesson (email your answers to [] if you don’t want to give clues away… I’ll put all the answers up in comments)

Yes, there really will be a prize…

Images of cow & candles for the montage supplied by

*Hereafter called the KBUT