Well Acowlytes, now that the champagne bottles are all empty and the smoky scent of perchlorate is fading from the night air, let me stagger from my darkened cloister to wish you all the Very Best Things for 2007.

I fear that some of you may still be suffering from the effects of overindulgence, so as a Tetherd Cow Ahead Public Service allow me to offer up some hangover remedies from the esteemed The Daily Lush.

But just in case your constitution is even more fragile than usual, a quick precis:

•The Mexicans think menudo is a good idea: a soup concocted from cow’s stomachs, including (if you’re lucky) the animal’s last meal.

•In Ancient Rome, a fried canary was the go. Or if not, raw owl’s eggs. Feeling better?

•Mongolians like to clear their heads with sheep’s eyeballs in tomato juice.

•Chimney sweeps in Olde London Town swept out the cobwebs in their heads with soot milkshakes. Mmmmmm.

So onward and upward into 2007! Happy New Year one and all!