A little while back, just after I posted my little observation on the claims of Irish ‘Free Energy’ company Steorn, my page load stats spiked. Scanning back over the visitors provides some fascinating reading: lots of name searches for ‘Sean McCarthy’, ‘Richard Walshe’, ‘Steorn’ and various combinations of those. Now it’s impossible to know exactly what this means but the fact is that posting about loony scientific claims seems to attract nearly as much interest as posting about erotic images.

With that thought, it is pretty obvious that combining these two fields is really going to jazz up the Hit-O-Meter.

So it is my pleasure to bring to you today… Sister Veronica’s Science Report!

Over to you babe.

Science Veronica

Oh wow! So cool Reverend!!!! Y’know I always thought science was, like, fully wicked at sk00l. LOL!!!! Mr. Smythe looked so HOT in that lab coat. LOL! ;-)

OK!! Life’s not a rehearsal!”DoN’t GoTtA gEt AlL cRaZy…ReLaX. ReAdy? Go!”

2day I’m going to talk about MARS! Like the PLANET but + also THE GOD OF WAR!!!

Did U know that there is a FACE on Mars and no 1 can xplain it???? TRUE!! Herez a pic.

Slammin’!!!! Soooo rad! OMG if U think this isn’t proof of alienz you are fully **lame**!! + not many peepl no this, but the 1st country to land on Mars (the RED planet) was RUSSIA! + it was during the Cold WAR!!! OMG!!! Coinsidence????? :-0

I read that NASA has little RoBoTz on Mars! True! LOL! Like little r2d2s that are xploring and looking for more evidenz of LIFE!

But its ALL FAKE!!! ReallY!!!! Its what the U$A wants U to think…. but ACTULLY they R filming it in a film set!!!! LOL. TRUE!!! I saw this MoViE about it once. MaDe U ThInK!!


WhAts iT aLL AbOuT???????