I guess you all undoubtedly know by now that on January 29th we are not going to be wiped out by Asteroid 2007 TU24. Well, so NASA tells us anyway. As cosmic events go, though, it is a very near thing, with the asteroid skimming the Earth by a mere 1.4 Lunar Distances whisker.

So just how safe should we really feel? The Near Earth Object Program has posted a mugshot of the perp as evidence that they are in full control of the situation:

An asteroid?

Oh yeah. That’s convincing. Hands up who would have picked that out in a line-up as an asteroid? Do you all feel re-assured that it’s all scientific-like and these guys really know what they’re doing? With that kind of ‘proof’ you could claim anything:


And what if they did their calculations wrong? Like, for instance using imperial measurements instead of metric?

Nah. It’s NASA! These are egg-brain geniuses! They wouldn’t make a mistake as dumb as that.

Would they?