The thought that occurred to me in the middle of the last post was, Faithful Acowlytes, that perhaps I was being a little shortsighted in so perfunctorily dismissing Simple Graphics Man as an appropriate mentor for the ‘lesser’ risks of a busy life.

To that end, I’ve stirred the elves in the Tetherd Cow Ahead Gift Shoppe from their hundred year slumber and I am pleased to announce the launch of the Tetherd Cow Ahead Simple Graphics Man™ Collection!

In these modern times, it’s not always easy to keep your wits about you every single minute, so who better to alert you to the perils inherent in your favourite caffeinated beverage than good ol’ SGM? These unique drinking vessels, handcrafted from the finest alabaster and lovingly detailed by skilled Nubian artisans are only suited to the discerning few.1 A large mug will set you back $14.50 Australian, and the standard size a very reasonable $13.50.2 You know you can’t do without one – so don’t wait until you scald yourself again before forking out! Think of it as insurance!

Remember – Christmas is not far off – shop now to avoid disappointment! And you will, of course, be keeping Simple Graphics Man gainfully employed.

What are you waiting for? Go to the gift shop and spend some money!

  1. i.e. anyone with money []
  2. A little less than those numbers if you’re paying US dollars []