Simple Graphics Man

Atlas brings to my attention this latest peril in which Simple Graphics Man finds himself.

It occurs to me that a further frame would increase the immediacy of the message somewhat, and so I have created it.

Whoopsy daisy SGM – what exactly were you trying to accomplish there anyway, buddy?

Simple Graphics Man is still on holidays (which explains why he hasn’t reported in lately) but even so he finds himself called on from time to time in a professional capacity – often to help with translational matters. Currently, he’s in Venice and here we see him explaining that those grumpy gondoliers on the Grand Canal won’t punt for you (let alone belt out a chorus of O Sole Mio) if you try to pay them with filthy Euro notes. Exact change, my man, or it’s an oar where the sun don’t shine.

SGM! Mind your balance there buddy!


Many thanks to Karl once again for this – and for some upcoming Venetian SGM adventures as well!


From my inbox this morning, a special surprise SGM! It’s supposed to be a warning not to relieve oneself in the street, but without the companion banner (which is just asking for some judicious disappearing) there is no visual indication that SGM shouldn’t be pissing in the gutter. One could be forgiven, then, for taking the graphical icon as a recommendation.

Uh-oh SGM. Might be a long night in a small room for you…


Big thanks to Karl for this one!


The Continuing Misfortunes of Simple Graphics Man ~

#42: The Hidden Holes.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from SGM, but true to form, he pops up once more as we cruise into the holiday season to remind us that things are often not what they appear to be on the surface.

So in the pool, as in life, hang on fast to your lilos Dear Friends, and remember to keep New Year’s Day available for poemin’


This edition of the Saga of SGM comes to us from Wolfman in NZ. Thanks buddy!

I like how the stencil artist has captured SGM’s sense of panic here. Run, SGM, run!

Mind you, when he finally catches his breath he’s going to be taken aback somewhat by his absence of feet and hands.


Thanks to Atlas for this one.


Yesterday saw the unprecedented simultaneous arrival in my inbox of not one but three new adventures of Simple Graphics Man.

In this first, sent to me by Atlas, SGM is really up against it. I mean really up against it. Between a rock and a hard place, it would seem. Or perhaps between a brick and a hard place. Whatever, his internal organs are certainly never going to be the same after this unfortunate altercation.

The next one, also from Atlas, apparently chronicles SGM’s employment as a ‘top man’ in the filing department of a certain government organization.

I hope he pushed from the middle! He’s not allowed to talk about that little incident, for obvious reasons. He doesn’t talk about the following little incident (sent in by Cissy Strutt) much either, for other obvious reasons.

Well, it could happen to anyone, right?

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