Glitch says he has never been to the Cairngorms.

Ooops. Sorry if I scared you.

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Phew. Still a 2% chance of survival. I put that down to my being some several thousand kilometers away in a foreign land.

I fear I have crossed some kind of invisible line. The Spawn is not happy. I swear when I put this on his collar there were sparks.

In all seriousness though, I have done exactly as recommended on the ShooTag packaging, and aim to report any results here on The Cow. In the interests of full disclosure, it has to be said that it’s turning cold here and flea activity is ramping down. However, the Spawn is still scratching on a regular basis and his chemical flea treatment is overdue. I aim to watch him carefully for the next two weeks or so and report on any change in his condition. If ShooTag is providing the 75% reduction in fleas promised on the product website, it should be very obvious.

Glitch notices that I have two ‘cat’ ShooTags on my desk. Not only am I afraid, but so should you be.

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