Is your computer behaving erratically? Do you suffer from Hangs, Crashes or Freezes? Did you ‘accidentally’ open that ‘hotnakedwives’ jpeg or click on the ‘Nude Kim Possible!’ link that was ‘mysteriously’ sent to your email address last week? Have you comprehensively failed to practice safe text?

Well, Intrepid Internet Adventurer fear no more!!!

TCA Enterprisesâ„¢ in association with Hello From Hell Inc. offers to you here, for the very first time on the internet, The Virtual Homeopathic Cure.

Yes this Cure, acting in much the same way as a conventional Homeopathic Cure works in the Real World, is presented in the form of the neutral-tasting, and almost completely transparent Virtual Glass of Water (VGW)â„¢! The VGWâ„¢ has been created ENTIRELY DIGITALLY from the very same bits that Evil Computer Hackers use to make their Dreaded Viruses! Here at TCA, our scientists have taken those bits and distilled them down to just 1 billion billionths of their former strength and used them to create a remedy that will protect you FOREVER from the scourges of Worms, RATs, Trojans and bugs.

How Does it Work?

Just view the picture above on the screen of any computer you believe might be infected! Yes, that’s ALL YOU HAVE TO DO!! By activating the Homeopathic Law of Digital Similars the VGWâ„¢ goes to work immediately on your computer without you even being aware of anything happening! INCREDIBLE! Behind the scenes, the VGWâ„¢ is cleansing every single bit in your RAM, on your hard drive, and in your cables using Atto-Magnetic Rotation (AMR)â„¢ and Double Spin Holographic Resonance (DSHR)â„¢. As long as you keep the VGWâ„¢ somewhere on your hard drive, and view it from time to time (our Researchers suggest weekly), we give you our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that your computer will BEHAVE BETTER and FEEL MORE FRIENDLY than it has ever been! Not only that, your screen will appear SHARPER and and all websites and emails will be CLEARER and MORE DEFINED. In addition, your keyboard will feel MORE RESPONSIVE, typing errors will DRAMATICALLY DECREASE and unwanted spam will be REDUCED BY HALF!!

How Much Does it Cost?

Well, as a Special Introductory Offer, we are making the VGWâ„¢ available to readers of Tetherd Cow Ahead ABSOLUTELY FREE! Yes, you heard me right, ABSOLUTELY FREE! Best of all the VGWâ„¢ is already working on your computer!!! The Virtual Homeopathic Technology we have used is SO POWERFUL that just by viewing the image in this post, viruses have been cleansed from your system.

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch. What’s the Catch?

Faithful Readers. I know you will be SO IMPRESSED by the VGWâ„¢ and SO GRATEFUL to have been given the chance to be the first to experience this revolution in Computer Health that you will be wanting to share the VGWâ„¢ with ALL your friends. That’s right Folks, I want you to be my Watery Army and start The New Flood! Send the VGWâ„¢ to all your friends! Send them a link to this post! And make sure they send the Word on to their friends, and to their friends’ friends!†

Why Are You Using So Many Capital Letters and Exclamation Marks?

I DON’T KNOW! I just started writing this post and I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF!!!

So, all you Aquifying Acolytes, off you go to Splash the word around! I want to see my web counter clock fifty thousand hits by the end of the week! Onward towards a Healthier, Happier and Wetter Internet!!!

†And while you’re at it, how about some product endorsements in the Comments?