The Cowlex Tesla

Well ladies, I know that ever since jedimacfan mentioned it the other day, you’ve been wondering how Cowlexâ„¢ has been progressing with their new model, the Tesla.

I’m pleased to say that all is going well, and it’s due out in the shops any day now. Cowlex is very excited about their new product. Here, let me quote from their press release:

It’s Electrifying!

Cowlexâ„¢ Industries is proud to announce their new Pleasure Product The Tesla. This elegant adult toy is lovingly crafted from the very highest quality titanium and molybdenum alloy and is guaranteed to put the sparks back into any relationship.

Turn your static love-life into a static love-life with The Tesla, and feel that old electricity again!

Not recommended for use in the bath. Batteries not included. May interfere with communications and avionic devices.

What our preview audience is saying:

“Ohm my God!!!” ~ Sister Veronica

“This has a lot of potential!” ~ Electrician’s Weekly

“I like it!” ~ The False Maria

“The best current sex toy!” ~ Fleshbutt

“Ow. Do it again!” ~ BDSM Review

“Forget the coil, get The Tesla!” ~ Wanda from Nantucket