Miracle Toaster

Luke Jerram is one of my favourite living artists. His works are clever and amusing and have a delightful ‘cool’ factor that always finds me saying ‘I wish I’d thought of that!’

His Miracle Toaster is no exception. Made as a gift for ‘a friend who believes in miracles’, Jerram says that an image of the Virgin is guaranteed every time the toaster is used.

Considering my interest in toasters and simulacra, I feel that I should add one of Jerram’s toasters to my Christmas List right away.

I urge you all to go visit Luke’s site. Amongst other things you will see the ring he made for his fiancé (etched with a spiral engraving of a message of love that can be played on a small reproducing device in the manner of an old cylinder recording), his awesome Sky Orchestra, and a net for catching meteorites.


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