Terminal Sweets

A couple o’ weeks back I was visiting Radioactive Jam as I am wont to do, and through some freakish collision of cosmic particles I happened to make the 2000th comment on RaJ’s blog.

Of course, I doubt I would have ever noticed this unless there had been a big flashing red light, sirens, dancing girls and a prize associated with the event.

Anyway, the prize arrived in the post the other day and I saw with delight that it was a little 1992 book called ‘Sign Language’ by Ann Sanfedele. It’s a collection of photos of odd signs and strange confluences of signage and reality. Right up my alley.

Thanks Jam, I love it.

I notice you can still buy the book on Amazon, and that Ann herself runs a Cafe Press shop where you can buy her pictures on calendars, mugs and shirts and so forth. You folks mosey on over and buy something from her. Tell her The Cow sent you.