The Continuing Misfortunes of Simple Graphics Man ~

The last time we saw SGM he was in dangerous circumstances on the edge of The Precipitous Precipice where predictably enough, things didn’t go well for him:

#11: The Painful Plunge.*

SGM Fall

Nevertheless, after the dramatic Air/Sea rescue and a few months in hospital recovering from the arm transplant, he was up and about again and ready for a trip to Mainz with his new friend.† Sadly, the holiday was ruined when each of them contracted a urinary tract infection from hanging on too long (well that’s how he says they got it anyway):

#12: The Worrisome Wait.‡

SGM Hold On!

If that wasn’t bad enough, on the plane on the way home the oxygen masks failed to pop out when the plane depressurized, and to make matters worse, thousands of bees escaped into the cabin at that exact moment:

#13: The Absent Air (including the Berserk Bees).‡‡

SGM Airless

Could things get much more dire for Simple Graphics Man?



*Thanks Scroob!

†All together now: Oooooooh!

‡Thanks Sarah!

‡‡Thanks RaJ!