I thought I might share with you all some search queries that have arrived at my blog.† Some of these I can understand. Some are disturbingly kinky. Some are so baffling that I try not to think too much about them.


•man having sex with cow

•wife porn

•lordi+eurovision song contest+itunes

•batteries taste like happiness

•penguin burger recipe

•sunny delight drink cow sperm

•aliens hump their self videos

•cow sound

•free cow sex movies

•cows taking over the world

•things that rhyme with cow

•cow pond

•see him squirt on a cow

•women looking for sex on the side


•humpback whales + the big bang theory

•explanation for the existence of dreams

•cream pie jpeg

•battle of cow pews report

Batteries taste like happiness? Aliens hump their self videos? Wha? Are these people on crack?


*Just so if anyone searches for psychomanteum they will end up here. What? You don’t know what one is? Well then…‡

†I have omitted ‘Wondercum’. It accounts for more than all the other searches put together but still, somehow, it seems kinda… predictable…

‡How I love the self-referential loop…