If you intend to take up a stance in the #occupy stakes over the coming weeks, why not parade your casual disdain for entrenched capitalism and religion in front of the news cameras by spending mere sheckels on one of these fabulous new t-shirts from the Cow Shoppe?

For your sartorial elegance we present a new Acowlyte T (for those who are Cow and want to flaunt it), a Duck’s Quack T (For your next visit to St Paul’s whispering gallery)1 and the mysterious Shhh! T (Yes, it’s true, the FBI are on to us…)

Christmas is nearly here Cowpokes, and I know none of you want to see the Reverend go without whisky over the festive season. So spend up big! Who could possibly not want a Cow T-shirt in their stocking this year?

  1. Marvel at my GENIUS at tying in all these things! []