Oooh. I’ve just come over all weak at the knees. Some kinda strange guy, Michael B. from foreign shores (ie the grand ol’ US of A) just wrote from out of the blue to tell me that he found my CD Houdini in the Apple iTunes Music Shop. This is news to me, ’cause I had no idea it was happening (that’s record companies for you). Seems like an opportune time for a plug then.

This is what people who aren’t just my friends and family have said about Houdini: [Link]

Sure, it’s in the Classical section (wha…?) and it looks like Michael made the first purchase, but heck, it’s better than being in the Bargain Bin at K-Mart (isn’t it?).

The Cow Instructs: Go buy it. Tell your friends to buy it. Tell them to tell their friends to buy it.

And rest secure in the knowledge that every cent of profit goes toward maintaining my single-malt whisky addiction.