I don’t really, as you all know. But this is the name of an intriguing project by perfumer Christopher Brosius at CB I Hate Perfume. Brosius says of himself “I am an artist, and perfume is my medium”. One of his fascinations seems to be that of creating memories with perfumes and he claims to have successfully captured the scents of ‘Snow’ and ‘Skin’ (I think we can take it that he is speaking poetically) and is working on ‘Birthday Candles’ and ‘Puppy’.

Speaking of birthdays, September 27 is fast approaching, and I quite like the sound of ‘Mr. Hulot’s Holiday’ which is described as “the salty breath of the breeze off the sea, driftwood, rocks covered with seaweed and the smell of old leather suitcases”. What more could anyone want in a perfume? Or for a birthday present?

You can read reviews of a couple of the scents from CBIHP here on one of my favourite blogs Now Smell This.