All this has been rendered superfluous by my special Christmas Shotgun.

Rudolph ain’t never gonna join in any more reindeer games.

A very Merry Yuletide to all readers of The Cow. I know that most of you are only getting lumps of coal from Santa this year, but hey, I always thought a few measly presents under a tree was short payment on an entire year of being nice anyway.

I suspect that none of you are going to be any less naughty in 2006.

But of course, you know by now that I’d much rather have it that way. Thank you all for you wit, wisdom, humour and friendship over this last year. You have made my blog a great enjoyment to me and I hope it has given you half the entertainment and food-for-thought it has given me.

Now, off to bed with you all, and have visions of sugarplums or else.