Boingboing ran a snippet a day or so back about ‘Mr Lee’ the German cat whose owner has equipped him with a camera to record his feline adventures. The ‘Cat Cam’ is fastened around Mr Lee’s neck, and a timing circuit snaps shots at regular intervals.

It is fascinating to see what Mr Lee gets up to in the course of his catty day. Tour #1 has him encountering a bird feeder, several other catty denizens of the area, and even snapping a couple of ‘art’ shots.

Mr Lee's Tour

After scanning through Mr Lee’s Cat Cam site, the obvious thought occurred to me to try and do the same thing with The Spawn! (Yes, I can hear you all screaming ‘You must be mad! Don’t you want to keep your remaining fingers??!!’)

So, over the weekend I dug out a little Sony Cyber Shot that I was using a little while back in some Kite Aerial Photography experiments and charged up its battery… w00t! still working!

KAP Cyber Shot

The electronics for the camera had previously been wired to be triggered remotely for the aerial shots so it was pretty easy to re-jig them to work with a little timer chip.

Cam Timer

A little bit of trial-and-error and it seemed to work pretty well, and after some ‘cat-proofing’ with an old cellphone case and some gaffer tape, I tied The Spawn down and fitted the GlitchCamâ„¢…

Glitch Camâ„¢

Hmm. Not terribly impressed, but tolerating the humiliation for the moment.

I let him walk around the house for a bit to make sure that the cam was secure and that the timer was working properly. After a little bit of head shaking and scratching he seemed to get used to the GlitchCamâ„¢, so I let him outside.

Off you go little fella! Let’s see what happens in your catty existence!


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