Well, its getting on toward’s that time of year again. Yes, thats right: snow, and mistletoe and present’s neath the tree.

Hands up those who by this point have started trembling and foaming at the mouth and have mentally reached for the red correction marker. Good. You may now relax in the knowledge that I’m just messin’ with ya.

Yes the true scariness of the season is upon us – the willy-nilly proliferation of dire punctuation, in particular the crucifixition of the poor old apostrophe. It’s bad enough at anytime, but for some reason Christmas just seems to encourage people to go wild with the little guy.

For those of you with strong stomachs, a visit to The Apostrophe Protection Society* will get your toes a-curlin’ at the wonderful and inventive ways in which folks have decided the apostrophe should be employed.

And if your out and about over the Festive Season with you’re camera’s, and happen to see any sign’s or notice’s that you think might amuse us here at The Cow, be sure to send em on in…

A big pre-Yuletide kiss to weirdpixie for understanding just how much the APS would appeal to my highly developed sense of pedantry.

*See also: Apostrophe Abuse (Thanks Anne)