Taped to poles at Melbourne University sometime this week:

I Found Your Cat!

The prevailing wisdom is that the posters were put up by a Japanese student who found the ‘cat’.

As Acowlyte Purple Dragon points out, the phone number on the poster is a 1900 number, which Telstra sells as a ‘Premium Rate’ number. This means that you are charged to ring the number.

I wonder how much they made from the scam…

In fact, it’s even funnier than I thought – I did a qualified search* on the number 1900 911 481 and found that it is a premium-rate number for the Australian Talking Clock! Hahaha! I bet those people are toasting their witticism at this very moment!


Photo courtesy of Student Liaison, University of Melbourne, via my friend Ali.

*Yeah, well actually calling the number was my last option. I was only going to give them my dime as a last resort.