Tetherd Cow Ahead Presents: The Baffling Bible
Episode #1: Idle Hands

David Plays with his Hand

Consider the following:

•What was God doing dispatching evil spirits? Could that be considered a demarcation issue?

•How are we to understand Samuel’s second use of the word ‘came’ in the context of the evil spirit and Saul?

•Is the word ‘prophesied’ a euphemism as used here? What might be a more descriptive word?

•What are the possible consequences of prophesying in the midst of the house, as opposed to doing so in a room out the back with a lockable door?

•Who actually ‘prophesied’ – Saul, the evil spirit, or God?

•Whose hand was David playing with – his own or Saul’s. Or the evil spirit’s? Discuss the implication of each option.

•Give examples of ‘other times’ when David has played handsies. Include references.

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*The Bible: King James Version