A few nights ago I had one of those weird dreams that includes particular moments that are vividly memorable on waking. In this one, I dreamed that I had the number 17051 tattooed on my left hand, near the knuckle of my forefinger. In the dream, I had never noticed the number there before. This is the kind of thing that happens in dreams, although as you might remember there have been happenstances in my waking life where I’ve noticed for the first time something almost as unsettling on my hand.

This number’s main claim to fame appears to be that it is the zip code for Pennsylvania – a fact of which I had no previous (conscious) knowledge. It is also the ChEBI (Chemical Entities of Biological Interest) number of fluoride and the number of a main belt asteroid called Oflynn. It isn’t even a date or a prime number, which is quite disappointing.

I’m particularly interested in unusual words or word combinations and odd numbers that appear in dreams. Yours?