You may remember, dear Acowlytes, that some time ago I was contacted by Kofi Anan from the United Nations, in regard to money that he owed me. Evidently, someone pointed out that he’d spelled his name incorrectly in that first communication, because he’d altered it in the email I received from him this morning:1

From: Koffi Annan []
Date: 7 August 2010 8:00:03 PM PDT

Dear Beneficiary

We received an email that you are Dead and you asked one Mr. William Thomson to come and claim your funds related to your compensation funds $750,000.00 United State Dollars that has been with us since two weeks now and he has also agreed to pay for the fund release charges of US$150.2

So I am writing you to know if you are DEAD OR ALIVE, if you do not reply back before 48hrs we will have no other alternative than to believe that you are truly dead.

Usually, at this point in the post I try and make a witty or scathing observation about spammers and their mental capacities but on this occasion I feel that anything I might say would be entirely superfluous.

  1. Heck – when in doubt, just add letters! []
  2. If I ever catch that Mr William Thomson there’ll be hell to pay! []