A Picture

OK, so I’m in Hollywood, and a good friend of mine takes me to see the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace at the premier Hollywood theatre The Arclight (did I remember to mention that I am in Hollywood?)

Anyway, the film is a big boofy blow-up-everything-in-sight action piece. Lots of car chases, lots of gunfights, lots of (relatively new for Bond, and quite irksome) naval-gazing and self-reflection, and the requisite pantheon of bad guys and hot babes. Well, not nearly enough hot babes for my taste, but you get the picture. Lots of money spent on lots of excess.

The lights come up at the end of the film and the girl sitting next to me says to her friend “So. what did you think?”

He ruminates for a second… “Nah. Too Hollywood.‘”