Oh Joy!

For an atheist such as myself, one of the most aggravating things about dealing with the religiously inclined is countering the attitude that, since I don’t believe in any fatherly supernatural deity, I must therefore be entirely wanting of a moral compass (because where could I possibly get any guidance without it coming from Heaven?)

It seems to me that I don’t really need to try too hard to demonstrate that just because someone believes in God they necessarily behave any better than I do. The discussion should be an open and shut one.

Take the above piece of email spam that I received this morning, and the usual caveat attached to such efforts:

I most certainly did not

The fact is, Mr Jesus Joy, that you are plain lying – you got my email address in exactly the same way as You Need a Psychic!, Supersized Tomato Plants! and Fat OFF Now! got it: by buying a list of email addresses from some filthy rotten scam merchant.

Funny how, that even when you have Jesus to guide you, you do no better than a porn merchant or a swindler.