I’m posting this for Colonel Colonel after his recent paean to fresh corn. I suspect it’s very close, if not identical, to his own recipe, but heck, why do you care? You should be out firing up the barbecue!

Ingredients (makes a good sized salad for a half dozen guests):

    • 3 large ears of fresh corn
    • 4 – 6 Roma* tomatoes
    • 1 Spanish (red) onion
    • Half cup of good quality olive oil
    • Salt & pepper

Strip the corn and barbecue it evenly all around over an open flame. Some ‘burnt’ bits are good. Let it cool down enough to handle (with your hands) easily.

While the corn is cooling, chop the onion and tomatoes semi-finely (the bits should be about the same size as a corn kernel. Roughly – we’re going for hearty & rustic here). Now cut the cooked kernels straight off the cobs with a sharp knife (I break the cobs in half first – it makes cutting easier). Mix the kernels and the chopped tomato & onion in a glass or ceramic bowl with the olive oil, and a good amount of salt & pepper. Let it all stand covered (not with plastic wrap! Use a tea-towel or something clothy) at room temperature for at least an hour. (It can be refrigerated, and keeps very well, but don’t serve it cold).

Do not make this salsa with tinned corn kernels. Do not make this salsa with inferior olive oil. Otherwise, improvise away. I prepare the version above specifically to serve with spicy meat or seafood. If you’re intending it as an accompaniment to a milder meal, a good teaspoon of ground chili (or a chopped fresh Thai chili) livens things up. As another variation I sometimes add a half teaspoon of smoked Hungarian paprika…

Bon appétit!


*I use Roma tomatoes because they tend to be better than most supermarket varieties, but I recommend you use any kind of heritage or home-grown tomatoes if you have them – as fresh as possible.