I was reading recently some opinions voiced by a psychologist that young people today are in desperate need of proper role models to inspire them onwards into their adult lives. I can only concur with this assessment. Everywhere I look I see pint-sized emulations of trashy fashion celebrities, talentless entertainers and shady sports stars. We’re heading into a world where everyone will dress like hookers, sing like… er… hookers and cheat and lie to get ahead because they think that being on top is the only thing that counts.

Where are the true inspirational figureheads for the coming generation?,

For my own part, I attribute the achievement of my upstanding moral character and practical apprehension of the world to one guiding light in my teenage years. From matters of sexuality, through family relationships to issues of Law, this one man was my moral compass and my spiritual guide.

How could any teenage boy fail to be affected by his joi de vivre, his savoir faire, his generosity, his sartorial flair? He had everything any man could want: a good relationship with a beautiful wife, a happy home and family, money, and interesting hobbies. He was a man of the world, and a man who had travelled the world. He was a romantic in the proper sense, adept at fencing, yoga, dancing and knife-throwing and he could indulge in all these passions without dropping his cigar.

I am, of course, talking about this man.