Another thing I saw in the auction house last week was the mysterious Castleray Non-Electric Machine. “So What?” I hear you say. Well, the ‘non-electric’ machine had a power plug on it, and also was rated at 220 volts. It looked pretty electric to me.

The Non-Electric Machine was about a meter long, with maybe five or six horizontal rods joining two metal blocks, one on either end. There were a number of what looked like some kind of clips along the lengths of the rods. As far as I can tell, there were no moving parts. I was genuinely perplexed by this odd device so I am offering a ☆REWARD☆ to the first person who writes and tells me what the Castleray Non-Electric Machine does (I mean what it really does, with proof all you wits out there). The lucky successful Cow-o-phile will win a Tetherd Cow Aheadâ„¢ T-Shirt. Now, since there is actually no such thing as yet, that means you will also get the first Tetherd Cow Aheadâ„¢ T-Shirt after I design one. That’s just gotta be worth some creative Google searching.

Update: The Non-Electric Machine had gone from the auction house when I checked yesterday. This indicates one of two possibilities: either it didn’t sell and has gone back to the hopeful person who thought someone might pay good money for one of these things, or someone who knew what it was did pay good money for it. Or, I guess conceivably, someone who didn’t have the foggiest idea of what it was paid good money for it.

A person who falls in either of those last two categories is, of course, well placed to win their very own Tetherd Cow Aheadâ„¢ T-Shirt if they act quickly…