For many years now I’ve been carrying around this postcard in my collection of strange curios. The woman on the front is Madge Crichton, an actress of the early 20th Century, who, on a cursory Google search, seems to have been more famous for her appearance on postcards than much else. There’s another photo of Madge at this page – [Link]

Madge is not the reason I’ve kept the postcard though – this is what’s written on the back:

Dear Eileen,

Mick said he did not mean to frighten you he told me what he had it for.

He wants to go over to Burwood next Saturday night but I cannot go over till Saturday week.

I got a lot to tell you when I see you about Ethel

12/10/08 Mary

Now I don’t know about you, but I really want to know more about Mick, Eileen, Ethel and Mary, and particularly about the frightening thing that Mick had. Speculations welcome…