This finely crafted medallion, made from only the highest quality organic free-range digital bits, is presented to Acowlytes who have achieved worthiness above and beyond the call of duty.

The Cow Salutes You

Tetherd Cow Ahead Roll of Honour:

Cissy Strutt for comments on The Curse of Unappreciated Genius II

Colonel Colonel for contributions above and beyond the call of duty in the Prophet Peter Popoff saga

jedimacfan for making me laugh

Meggie for inventing a new and much needed proverb

Tom Cruise for undercover assignments in service of The Cow

Purple Dragon for advancing the cause of skeptical thinking

Joey Polanski for the genius of Comment #9 on this post

Atlas Cerise who becomes the first to pick up a second medal, this time awarded for Satire of the Highest Order. To understand you need to read this post and then this post. And then this post and then this post. And even then, I can’t guarantee you will entirely understand…

Atlas picks up a third medal for the two videos in the comments on this post that provide a more than accurate assessment of the science behind SHooTAG!™

Dewi Morgan for outstanding work above and beyond the call of duty on this post. Dewi used sheer brute force calculation to give us an insight to what’s on the magnetic strip of the nutty Shoo!TAG™ This is the first Cow Medal to go to a first-time commenter! Dewi also wrote a Shoo!Tag decoder, a feat of coolness that puts me forever in awe of him.

MomentumV also earns a medal for his work on the Shoo!Tag saga. I hereby dub these two chaps, Code Detectives to the Service of The Cow. The Cow salutes you both!

☆Another for the inimitable Sir Joey Polanski for providing a recipe that has the simultaneous properties of being nourishing and an emetic.

Tim Scanlon for the awesome poem in the comments on this post.


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