You might remember that I mentioned that NASA scientists had concluded that a white ‘speck’ on one of the first Phoenix lander photographs was ‘probably not a Polar Bear’. Well, the boffins at TCA Labs have had their digital photo enhancers on the case from the get-go (you know how these geeky types are!) and they tell me today that they beg to differ with the NASA boffins.

So here for your scrutiny is the latest hi-def enhancement from the NASA original, using the proprietary Tetherd Cow Ahead Laboratories ‘Deckard II’ Photographic Augmentation Scanner.*

The Truth!

C’mon NASA! Maybe the Cydonia ‘Face on Mars’ is just a rock formation (yeah, right!) but let’s see you deny this one!


*TCA Labs has some very hush-hush high falutin’ technical wizardry out there in the barn…