Spam Observations #44

My newest best buddy, Burgi Nitzmann, wrote to me this morning. I reproduce his letter here in full, because, well, it’s just so damn… entertaining.

Hi, how’s your work doing? The answer is quite clear. You’re sleepy, man, I can tell! But take a deep breath, lot’s of people have the similar problems. Do you know that it’s an epidemy already, the third of male mankind is in trouble. Ask yourself why? What would you expect with a life tempo like that? YOU ARE TO EARN THE MONEY. It’s all your headache. I’d be tired too.

Add here, ecology, groceries. What’s the total? No sexual capacity. You’re now experiencing your sexual engine failure. No wonder your better half is gone, your girlfriend is on her way to pack up her stuff and hop off.

But guess what? I’m ready to give you a helpful hand. Be your self medicator, feel different, feel you CRAVE and YOU ARE ABLE . And WE’LL BOLSTER. And I’ll bet it works.

I’m sure you know full well about VI@grA. You think that it’s costly. Then I’ve got SOME good news for you! Check out the prices, the prices are agreeably nice!


Conveniently chip ha?! It’s real, there’s just no need to overpay for the license which drugs stores simply do have to pay for the right to sell it out.

Be strait up, buy strait ahead. And have a nice one!

If Burgi ever decides to forego his contribution to the epidemy of chip internet scamming, he’s definitely got a career in standup at least. Add here, ecology, groceries, his offer of a helpful hand and his penchant FOR illogical capitalization and bad spelling, and he could quite probably get a job in government with very little extra effort. He’d be right at home with a bunch of illiterate wankers.

Carpe diem Acowlytes! Let’s Bolster!


PS – I bring to your attention that the counter on the right that is marking out my Internet Fortune will shortly go past 100 billion dollars. w00t!