Satan In The Sky

I’m pretty tolerant of religious beliefs, even if I don’t agree with most of most of them. As far as I’m concerned, people are entitled to believe whatever they like as long as they don’t indiscriminately inflict those beliefs on other people. Or expect other people to even take them seriously for that matter. Unfortunately the adherents of some religious groups are just way too pigheaded to realise when they are being offensive. Either that or they simply don’t care.

So it’s a beautiful Autumn Sydney morning, blue skies, crisp cool air, red and yellow leaves all over the road. I’m walking to work listening to my iPod thinking what a glorious day it is. And then I notice that some skywriting company is making the best of the still air and scribbling something across my field of view. During the next five minutes it becomes clear that the word they are writing is ‘Jesus’.

Now I really take exception to this. On two counts in fact: one because I don’t particularly want anything being written in this beautiful pristine sky, and two because I especially don’t want someone foisting their religious beliefs on me in this irksome manner.

I’m sure these zealots have some misguided self-righteous idea that we will all have a better day knowing Jesus has made his presence felt in our skies.

I bet they would get really ticked off if someone like me was to use skywriting for some judicious personal proselytizing.

Be afraid. Maybe I just might…