This is what a submarine looks like...

Quite a few days ago*, two advanced, state-of-the-art, gadgets-coming-out-of-your-ears, sonar-that-can-detect-a-fly-at-two-miles-in-a-fog nuclear submarines belonging to the British and the French navies, collided in the VAST EMPTY Atlantic ocean.

(in case you missed that). Had a prang, to use an Australian colloquialism. The accepted explanation seems to be that ‘modern anti-sonar technology is so good it is possible neither boat “saw” the other’.

Sometimes it’s just too darn easy to put up an argument for good ol’ low-tech windows.


*It has, of course, only just now come to the greater world’s attention. I guess that both sides have been deliberating about whether to tell anyone at all (considering that, well, how would we ever know…), but have figured it’s best to spill the beans before it leaks from one or other of the crew, and the video goes viral on YouTube…