As it seems that Prophet Peter Popoff is letting his attention slip in regard to the matter of making me wealthy beyond my wildest dreams, I thought it was time I fired off a little reminder to him, along with some appropriate aides-mémoire. He appears more than keen to send me an evidently never-ending stream of trinkets so the least I can do is reciprocate.

Another Letter to Peter Popoff

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I think he will be impressed with the accompanying prayer aids. I know I was. Here is the ten thousand dollars I’m donating to his ministry (you’ve seen that before of course).


Here is the paper facsimile of Jesus.


And here are the genuine nails from the cross.

Genuine Nails from the Cross!

They make a very attractive package!


I’m off to the post box now. I’m looking forward to my imminent wealth, and I just want to say here and now that I’m not going to forget a single one of you – when Prophet Pete comes through with the goods, there’s a big party at my place and plane tickets and accomodation for all international Acowlytes.

All of you, quick smart, off to pray now – big things are just around the corner! I can feel the flowings in my water!


*Pat. Pending