If, in your idle moments, you have the desire to just throw caution to the wind and experience the bizarreness of the web, there are lots of sites on the net like Uroulette that allow you to go tripping off to random destinations.

I just figured out something even better though. I call it the Birthday Image Search (BISâ„¢). Here’s how it works:

You go to Google Image search, and enter your birthdate as a string of numbers like this 110785… This will give you a whole host of result sites that are related only by this number string.

My #1 hit was this interesting montage of a Japanese woman casually, and one must presume titillatingly, exposing her underwear. Other featured sites for my birthday were:

★A site selling a sleeping bag with removable pillow

★A Santa Claus toys site

★A Newswire article about Shakira†

★A Japanese site with a picture of a very unhappy-looking Japanese man

★A Hello Kitty games site

★An online hardware shop page for a drill chuck-key

Anybody do any better?

†This is particularly intriguing because at the Apple iTunes Shop, people who bought my CD ‘Houdini’ also bought CDs by Shakira. Shakira has never been in my interest sphere until now, and from what I read about her music, it’s hard to make a link to my stuff. Is the universe telling me something?