I… er… well… gosh… There’s just something unintentionally hilarious about watching a serious zombie woman in a pink cashmere sweater unflinchingly pour water up her nose.

I keep imagining her accidentally picking up a hot teapot by mistake.

Here’s another woman in a pink cashmere sweater doing it:

But even though the Himalayan Institute seems to prefer women in cashmere demonstrating their product, that doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite elsewhere – there’s a whole heap of these videos on YouTube. People from all walks seem to love showing the world how they pour water up their nose. Here’s a very unappealing guy selling something called ‘Sinus Genie’ which is the same thing, only with the addition of capsaicin. Yes, that’s right – capsaicin. The stuff they use in pepper spray to bring criminals to their knees.1

Now just waiddaminute! Where have we seen that guy before? Aha! Isn’t he Mr Unappealing of Pocket Pain Doctor fame! You remember – the guy who wants to sell you expensive therapeutic colours for your iPhone. My, he’s really looking to get himself a woo-woo fuelled fortune, ain’t he?2

  1. I gotta say – this is surely the equivalent of snorting ground-up chillis. Who, in their right mind…? []
  2. Note how he’s trading on the reputation of an established idea – the Neti pot – to sell a product that is nothing more than a plastic squeeze bottle. Checking the linked site sinusgenie.com takes you on a link-forwarding excursion to sinusbuster.com/genie which throws a 404 error. Flim-flam, anyone? Persevering we find that sinusbuster.com does exist, though and you can buy a small plastic bottle full of nose-irritants for a mere $17.99. I’m going to keep an eye out for this guy – stay tuned. []