Ah, Faithful Acowlites! Welcome to 2006. And what more fitting a way to ring in the New Year could I choose than a post about penis size? And not just any penises. We’ve spared no expense and today we’re going to be talking Historical Celebrity Penis Wars.

But I’m getting ahead of myself; let’s start at the beginning. This morning, Nurse Myra, ever on the alert for penis opportunities forwarded me this Important Information from ‘Haltungverbund’:

From: Haltungverbund
Subject: Make your penis visible through your pants.

Have y0ur heard of Erotic Museam in St. Petersburg? After t@k1ng our Viril1ty Patch RX, your dick can be exhibited there as the biggest penis ever.

Make your penis visible through your pants. Our Virility Patch RX can make your penis amazingly huge.

There is a number of medical conditions that affect penis size. These are evident at birth and may require medical intervention.

But there is only one way to fight a small penis. And it’s called Virility Patch RX.

Oh, the mirth.

Well, Haltungverbund had one up on me though – I didn’t know there was an Erotic Museam in St Petersbug, so I looked it up! Yep, there it was: ‘The very first Russian Museum of Erotica’ established by the Head Physician of the Prostate Center of The Russian Academy of Sciences, Igor Knyazkin. ((Source: Pravda – “St. Petersburg to host the first Museum of Erotica in Russia”))

“I want Russia to be a civilized country that looks into the future and has a correct vision of erotica,” stated Knyazkin to the Nezavisimaya Gazette.”

Which is, after all, an admirable goal. An uncivilized Russia looking backwards into the past with an incorrect vision of erotica defies imagination.

To this end, the exhibit that Knyazkin has chosen to symbolize this forward-looking civilized erotic Russia is, quite logically, Grigori Rasputin’s preserved penis.

“Having such unique item on display, we can stop envying America that treasures Napoleon Bonaparte’s reproductive organ,” states Knyazkin. “In 1970s, Napoleon’s genitals have been sold to an American urologist at an auction for $4000 USD. Napoleon’s private part however is just a mere pod in comparison to our 30cm long organ.” ((Did anyone else know this international-scale penis-envy was going on? So that’s what the Cuban Missile Crisis was really about. ))

Yeah, take that you Yankee pigdogs with yer petite and undoubtedly gay Froggy penis. ((Dr. Knyazkin has also managed to acquire a gold-plated box containing the genitals of Joan of Arc. If I’d known there was such a trade in the reproductive organs of Historical Personages I’d have paid a lot more attention in history classes (I’ll trade you Genghis Khan’s foreskin for… Anne of Cleves’ nipples and a snuff box full of Rene Descartes’ pubic hair…)))

Yep, that thing that the pretty girl is looking at in the picture, is supposed to be Rasputin’s penis. Here’s a picture on Flickr of another pretty girl looking at it. ((I’m sorry if I’ve infringed anyone’s copyright here, but I hope you’ll agree it’s in everybody’s interest that these photographs are bought to the attention of the world.))

I don’t even want to speculate what these girls might be thinking, but I do wonder if they were there on the same day that Rasputin’s great grandson John Nekmerson visited the St. Petersburg museum. On viewing his ancestor’s pickled part Mr Nekmerson exclaimed, “This is really it, I’ve got the same one!”

He evidently has no need of Haltungverbund’s RX Virility Patch.

Which brings us back to Haltungverbund’s original email and allows us to make a few important observations:

1: If you want to exhibit your dick at the St Petersburg Museum of Erotica, then this surely implies that you need to be separated from it so they can put it in a jar for photographs. Sorry Haltungverbund, I’m not interested in this.

2: The Russians have taken Haltungverbund’s suggestion that “there is only one way to fight a small penis” on board and are countering with their Mad Monk’s Monster Member. Come on Yankees! Are you going to defend your title with the Coquettish Cock of a Cropped Corsican? Surely Lanky Abe Lincoln’s Lengthy Lingam will stand up for you! Or is the Cold War still at work on your nether regions?

3: It’s actually a simple matter to have your penis visible through your pants if that’s really something you desire: just wear cheesecloth pants. This might not count as high fashion, but if visibility is what you seek, and your name is John Nekmerson, none of the girls are going to be looking at the pants.

Happy New Year! S Novim Godom! Bonne Année!

Welcome to 2006!