I dunno. The catchy slogan isn’t really selling it for me. Lose weight with your mate? It’s not like setting out on a hang-gliding adventure or forest walk together. “C’mon honey! The bathroom’s free! Now’s our chance to update the Captain’s log!”

At least we can be sure that they gave this concept to the right advertising person – someone who was totally full of shit.

(Spammers are sending me a most perplexing and inane variety of stuff lately – I’ve had them trying to sell me everything from sandals to magic wands (yes, that’s right – “magic” wands – not big penises). And psychics! I must get at least twenty advertisements for psychics per day. This tells me one thing for certain – they’re really not psychic. Otherwise they would have a very clear picture of what I would do with them – Hint: it involves large quantities of MaxColon)