A good friend of mine snapped the above shot in a church in Georgia (the Russian one, not the Yankee one). I bring to your attention the strange objects floating above the city walls and under Jesus’ hands…

And lately, there have been other sightings of jellyfish in the sky:

This ‘mysterious phenomenon’ was photographed recently by amateur photographer Per-Arne Milkalsen over Andenesm, Norway. After discounting that the object might be a ‘spot on the lens’ (and simultaneously dashing any credibility he might have as a photographer – even I can see that’s not the first conclusion you might draw) Mr Mikalsen goes on to further cast doubt on his credentials by saying ‘I have never seen an object like this before…’ Well, I have. It looks exactly like a lens flare.1

David Icke, who we have featured previously on The Cow, has some theories about this, of course. Not a lizard, maybe, but close enough for jazz.

Truly, O Faithful Acowlytes, the End Times are nigh!


Thanks for the photo, Flop!



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  1. All the photos of this that have been circulating around the web are cropped like the one I’ve provided here. If you look at the full, uncropped shot which appears in the Mail Online article, though, you can plainly see that the image includes bright streetlights at the bottom of the picture – just where you’d expect there to be possible sources of… lens flare! []