The thing about the internet being ubiquitous is that anyone can get their hands on it. Including dumb people. Since I started posting about my correspondences with the inimitable Peter Popoff, I have had a string of comments left on those posts by numerous (different) people who, for some reason, think that it’s Peter Popoff writing those posts. Like this one from ‘freerayder’:

I am here now. I might test your authenticity.

Or this from Arturo Trevino:

Rev,peterPopoff I am Arturo Trevino
I.see you in T.V.time have all.the letter that you seing me.I not in the hosue but can you pary.Ray.a laver and kneey paunch.hi is in mi state cecilio,need a lever to hi live in ut state can you pary me that harm will gat butter.thank you,Art.

There have been others but I deleted them before I realised that it was going to become some kind of trend. Now, I’m prepared to believe that some of these people (like Arturo) are just plain mad, but a couple (whose comments, as I say, I wish I’d kept for you) are just plain dumb. They are writing comments on my posts about Peter Popoff because they think I AM Peter Popoff. Usually (sadly) asking me to pray for them.

Let me just state it clearly: I am not, nor have I ever been, Prophet Peter Popoff.

So Arturo & friends: stop writing to me about your kneey paunch, because I’m not going to pary that harm will gat butter. Furthermore, don’t bother writing to Peter Popoff about it either, because he’ll achieve exactly the same result as I could except he’ll take all your money first.