Residents of Lenoir County, North Carolina, have got it into their heads that this kudzu vine covering a utility pole about a mile south of the town of Kinston ‘bears a striking resemblance to Jesus’ crucifixion’.

A local citizen, Kent Hardison, almost took to the weed with pesticide until (we can only presume) God stayed his hand.

‘You can’t spray Jesus with Roundup’, he is quoted as saying in the Kinston Free Press.

I’m not entirely sure about that. I couldn’t find anything in the Bible actually prohibiting such an action. There’s definitely no Commandment that says ‘Thou Shalt Not Spray the Son of God with an Herbicide’.

In any case, how can the good folk of Lenoir know that God intends this obvious manifestation of His awesome power to be Jesus anyway? Maybe He had something else in mind and they are completely failing to understand the significance of His message?

Suggestions as to what God is actually trying to say to the people of Kinston are very welcome.