This is the scene of carnage after a guard dog named Barney went berserk at a Somerset Teddy Bear exhibition. Barney was meant to be guarding the bears but seems to have completely lost it when he realized what the cost to his reputation might be. One of the bears that was chomped was worth £40,000 and once belonged to Elvis Presley.

The general manager of the Wookey Hole* Caves, where the bears were on show, said:

“About 100 bears were caught up in this frenzied attack, some were merely little chews, whereas some of them had some quite devastating injuries.”

All together now:

“I just wanna eat,
Your teddy bear…”

Full story of the Wookey Hole Massacre at the BBC News online.

Thanks Pil!

*I couldn’t do better if I tried to make it up…