Live In Style

Tetherd Cow Ahead Adventures in Daft Advertising
Episode #1: Diamonds in the Rough

In what I have a feeling may be the first of a spectacularly successful new series here on TCA, may I submit this little gem that recently came into being on a billboard just down the road from where I live. What is that woman doing? Let’s look a little closer…

Live In Style

Yes, that’s right, she’s examining her diamond collection with a magnifying glass. The advertising geniuses behind this travesty evidently decided that the best image they could present for someone ‘living in style’ is that of a modelly girl wearing mauve eye shadow, all trussed up like a purple Christmas gift and gloating over an unseemly pile of treasure.

What the hell goes on in these dingbats’ heads?

(To appreciate the true surreality of this effort, it does help (but is in no way mandatory) to have visited Croydon).